Instructor Spotlight: Debi Dault

Our spotlight is on SHRM Certification Exam Prep Course instructor, Debi Dault, CRP, GPHR, SHRM-SCP. Debi is President and CEO of Dault Global Solutions and throughout her career has worked with HR professionals and corporations determining solutions for global mobility and HR challenges both in the United States and abroad. Debi is a very active volunteer leader for Texas SHRM, the State Council of the Society of Human Resource Management which supports 34 HR chapters and 33 Student HR chapters in Texas. She is a past director of Texas SHRM and previous President of Dallas HR. She currently serves as the current Executive Director for the Texas SHRM Global HR Conference held annually in Houston. She is a frequent speaker on HR issues for both corporations and HR educational conferences and has been an instructor for certification classes at various universities

What made you decide to become an HR instructor?

It started when I took and passed the GPHR years ago. Since the GPHR was a new certification, there were very few instructors. I was approached by several groups to see if I would be an instructor. Of course, I said yes. I fell in love with the opportunity to share my experience and help HR practitioners looking to advance their career by obtaining their certification. When SHRM launched their new competency based program, I was fortunate to be asked to continue as an instructor. I truly enjoy the experience.

What’s your favorite aspect of teaching the SHRM Certification Exam Prep Course?

The students! I love learning all about their HR experience and the reasons they want to take the course and ultimately pass the exam to become certified. It is such an exceptional experience to have so many different people together. It’s important to learn about them and what expertise they bring. I enjoy hearing from them throughout the sessions about their real life experience.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Engagement and fun! I enjoy the interaction. With this unique group of HR professionals, you gain unprecedented exposure to real life case studies. The students share actual situations which enable the group to relate better to the course material. Of course no one shares company proprietary information.

My teaching style is fun and high energy! Since our students are working professionals, with many demands, I encourage the group to have fun while we learn together. One favorite teaching tool I have used is Jeopardy. Everyone seems to like the game format to help remember terminology.

What do you hope students will gain after taking your course?

Besides the confidence they need to pass the exam, I encourage the students to expand their network with the other students they have met during the course. In HR, a network of professionals will benefit you as much as the knowledge you gain.

What are the key concepts you hope students will leave your course with?

I hope they will remember they already have HR experience, once they have completed the course, they can add new terms and competencies to that experience and walk away with confidence.

How do you motivate the students in your classroom?

By offering all the support possible. Both Rice and SHRM provide a tremendous amount of support through various mediums. Everyone is motivated differently, so I try to flex my teaching style throughout the course so that it relates to all the students. I also revisit the reasons I was given at the beginning of the course as to why they want the certification. Keeping that goal in front of them and offering support helps deter anxiety and motivates them to keep at it.

What is your #1 tip for passing the certification exam?

Breathe! Remind them that they know the material. Breathing and getting the necessary oxygen to their brain, will help them immensely. They got this!

What are three interesting facts about you outside the classroom?

  1. I’m Texas Royalty. My 4th generation grandfather, Anson Jones, was the 4th and last President of the Republic of Texas.
  2. My husband and I adopted a teenager 4 years ago.
  3. I’ve done improv comedy and voice over work.


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