Instructor Spotlight: Kristyna Torres-Cruz

Our spotlight is on Strategic Social Media for Business Certificate instructor, Kristyna “”PRKristyna”” Torres-Cruz. She is a consultant who does more than just assist in reaching your social media audience, she helps engage them. Driven by the desire to connect our community to the brands that want to support them, Ms. Torres-Cruz has worked alongside both solo-preneurs and large teams in social media strategy, engagement and unique aspects most business owners don’t consider when they think “”marketing.”” A graduate from the University of Wisconsin system and an avid Green Bay Packers fan, Ms. Torres-Cruz has started her career at the bottom of the ladder and built her company into what it is today serving both nonprofits and for-profits with a community-driven view on client marketing. She’s proud to be serving both worldwide brands and local companies in all aspects of the ever-changing social media world, now not only managing social media branding for her clients but also regularly adding “”instructor and consultant”” as a title beside her name

What made you decide to become a social media instructor?

I was already teaching these skills out in the community. First, I wanted to further help non-profits in their reach to gain visibility, funding and volunteers and it eventually expanded into helping small businesses do the same.

What’s your favorite aspect of teaching the course?

Watching students “click” when they understand how to create their own marketing strategies on their pages. They suddenly get excited about it and it makes me really love the time I spend helping them get to that point.

What is your teaching philosophy?

That these are real people. I have always benefitted the most from teachers that understood students have lives outside the classroom. Life is messy, and so is business. I remind myself before every class that I’m teaching a room full of humans.

What do you hope students will gain after taking your course?

The confidence and skills to effectively create useful strategies for social media marketing.

What are the key concepts you hope students will leave your course with?

Strategy planning, content planning, data tracking, and most of all, the best ways to communicate with their ideal audience.

How do you motivate the students in your classroom?

I hope my students are motivated by the empowerment they have over their own marketing projects throughout the course. The course is designed to give them more than a jumping off point and “keep going” after the last class.

What are three interesting facts about you outside the classroom?

· I’m a native Wisconsinite and love my Green Bay Packers.

· I run a play group for 3–4 year olds every week and we explore the city together. It gives me time with my son and he gets to meet new friends.

· I am also obtaining a degree in complementary medicine with a focus on herbal alternatives. It caters to my passion for all things nature.


George Zombakis, SHRM-CP is assistant director for professional and corporate programs at Rice University’s Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies where he manages a growing portfolio of successful face-to-face and online programs including human resource management, paralegal studies, project management, communication, marketing and leadership.

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